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  Cream BBoys
Cream BBoys

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Dvd Code: CR16131
Price: 30.00
Studio: Cobra Video
Director: Bryan Phillips
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Brent Corrigan
Connor Ashton
Corey Savage
Lance Evans


Cream BBoys, the brand new Cobra release, features an amazing four or more creamy loads in every scene as every models shoots his load twice. Connor suck Kenny in the opener, harder and harder until Kenny can't hold out anymore and blasts into his mouth and covers his face. Connor loves it and slurps down his juice. Then it's Connor's turn as Kenny goes down to suck him off until Connor squirts his cream on Kenny's face. Connor pulls out the lube and greases up his big tool then sticks it into Kenny, pumping in and out of him until Kenny creams for his second time. Connor continues to pounds him and pulls out just in time to cream on that once tight hole. Nate and DJ are in a 69 position. Both suck, then rim each other, then Nate twists upright over DJ and make him suck and lick his fat cock until Nate spews his cream into DJ's gagging throat. Nate feels how hard that has made DJ, and Nate sits back on his rock hard cock, riding up and down until DJ dumps his creamy load deep inside. Nate lifts off DJ's cock and lets the creammy mess seep out onto DJ's cock. Nate is still hard after riding so long, and gets behind DJ and pierces his small butt with his fat rod. Nate pumps harder and harder until DJ is about to cumm and asks Nate to take his load. Still inside him, Nate positions DJ and sucks his cream out from the boy's stiff cock. Nate isn't finished and keeps pounding DJ until he barely gets his cock out to cumm all over DJs balls, then puts it back in to pump a bit more. Lance, Corey and Trevor all get their clothes off and Lance gets on his knees, Corey straddles over Trevor's face and while getting sucked by Trevor, Lance sucks the thick 10 incher and fingers Corey's hole. Trevor explodes his first load on Lance's tongue and face. Corey then stands over Lance and jacks until his creamy load spurts into Lance's awaiting mouth. A train begins as the boys all become locked together fucking each other. Trevor pulls out and blasts his cream on Lance's very red hole, then shoves it back in and pumps telling Lance he wants to see him cum. Lance produces a big load and covers his chest, then Corey bends down to dump another load of cream into Lance's neck and open mouth. Cameron sucks and jacks Tyler until he licks up a big white pool of cream as his prize. Then Tyler sucks and sucks until Cameron Cameron creams in Tyler's mouth. Tyler puts Cameron on his side and pumps him until he can't take anymore and Cameron creams all over his belly. They snowball and then Tyler is pumping again, and just gets it out in time to shoot his cream over Cameron's sack.For the grand finale, Ashton Connor comes into the house to find Brent Corrigan laying in just shorts. The boys wrestle. Brent is soon on his knees, jacking his own cock and deep throating Connor's 9 incher. Connor pulls out to squirt his cream deep down Brent's throat. Pumping a dildo in and out of Brent's hole, Connor sucks the cream from Brent, spilling on his tongue. Connor isn't done though and drives his thick tool deep inside Brent. Then they switch and Brent slides his cock into Connor's tight hole. Brent pounds away with precum dripping from Connor's cock head. Connor then takes control again, putting Brent on his back and slides it in, pounding until Brent creams on his tummy. Connor rams his cock back in and pounds Brent until he squirts on his leg and sack to finish this one of a kind production! Cast: Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenny, DJ.

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