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  Hot Hung & Hairy (2 Dvds)
Hot Hung & Hairy (2 Dvds)

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Dvd Code: FC21834
Price: 41.00
Studio: Falcon Studio
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Addison Scott
Alan Reeves
Alex Girard
Arpad Miklos
Brad Hunt
Brad Patton
Brandon West
Brendan Davies
Brock Hunter
Bryce Pierce
Cal Speedy Reynolds
Chad Donovan
Chad Johnson
Colton Ford
Danny Vox
David Logan
Dean Monroe
Doug Perry
Eric Stone
Gus Mattox
Holden Grey
Hunter Scott
Jake Taylor
Jason Branch
Jason Ridge
Jean Franko
Joel Drake
Johnny Brosnan
Justin Dragon
Korath Ferang
Park Wiley
Parker Williams
Peter Raeg
Rocco Vitali
Scott Russell
Scott Wilder
Sebastian Cole
Serge Timar
Steve Cruz
Tim Towers
Tom Sawyer
Troy Punk
Wes Daniels
Zak Spears


Hot Hung & Hairy features two discs, four hours and thirteen scenes of studs getting down and dirty! 45 furry fellows are eager to get it on and soak their fur in thick cum. Settle in for a smoldering sexual experience sure to leave you soaked and satisfied. Night approaches. In front of a raging bonfire, the two "city boys" - Jason Ridge and Tim Towers - are stripped down, collared, branded and forced to cater to every brutal and animalistic sexual whim of Cal "Speedy" Reynolds, Rocco Vitali, and Parker Williams. No one is ever the same after The Ritual. Scott Russell, David Logan, Doug Perry, Brandon West, Hunter Scott, Chad Donovan, Brad Hunt and Scott Wilder join for an eight-man-megaorgy, which climaxes in everyone lining up to fuck Scott Wilder. Each guy fucks him til he cums on Scott's back. By the end, Scott's entire back and butt is covered in cum. Hooded leather master Brendan Davies dominates Steve Cruz and Park Wiley. Brendan even shaves Steve's head before the insatiable threesome engage in a brutal and unforgettable fuck session, where Steve and Park learn exactly who's in charge here. Wes Daniels can't resist the hirsute charms of Brock Hunter. He leaves the desk and these two studs go in for a serious session of sucking fucking and dildo play which leaves them spent and satiated. In a dark corner of the club, Danny Vox and Falcon Exclusive Justin Dragon have made a connection. These two eager young studs get down to business, dedicating themselves to a session of sucking, rimming, and ass-fucking which pushes these studs over the brink of desire into satisfied spurts of orgasm. Addison Scott and Sebastian Cole get into some hot prison action as Addison fingers Sebastian's whole into frenzy while Colton Ford and Peter Raeg get into their own man-on-man action. Before you know it, the four are involved in hot fuck fest, which climaxes with the four studs in a hot chainfuck. Seven more explosive scenes continue to trail a blaze of hot, hairy man action that sees butts stretched and smiles broaden as bucket loads of seed are dispelled! Addison Scott, Alan Reeves, Alex Girard, Arpad Miklos, Brad Hunt, Brad Patton, Brandon West, Brendan Davies, Brock Hunter, Bryce Pierce, Cal Speedy Reynolds, Chad Donovan, Chad Johnson, Colton Ford, Danny Vox, David Logan, Dean Monroe, Doug Perry, Eric Stone, Gus Mattox, Holden Grey, Hunter Scott, Jake Taylor, Jason Branch, Jason Ridge, Jean Franko, Joel Drake, Johnny Brosnan, Justin Dragon, Korath Ferang, Park Wiley, Parker Williams, Peter Raeg, Rocco Vitali, Scott Russell, Scott Wilder, Sebastian Cole, Serge Timar, Steve Cruz, Tim Towers, Tom Sawyer, Troy Punk, Wes Daniels, Zak Spears

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