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  Wild West Cowboys (2 Dvds)
Wild West Cowboys (2 Dvds)

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Dvd Code: FC12963
Price: 41.00
Studio: Falcon Studio
Director: Al Parker
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Adam Archer
Bert Edwards
Bo Garrett
Brian McClaine
Carl Erik
Carter Longway
Chad Hunt
Christian Fox
Christian Taylor
Christopher Scott
Daniel Sinclair
Danny Somers
Dean Monroe
Dylan Fox
Jeff Hammond
Jimmy McGuire
Joe Markhum
Josh Harting
Josh Weston
Ken Browning
Ken Ryker
Kevin Miles
Kris Lord
Manuel Torres
Mark West
Matthew Rush
Mike Chavez
Roman Heart
Scott Baldwin
Scott Swann
Sean Davis
Shane Rockford
Steve Marks
Tony Calhoun
Tony Zerega
Travis Wade
Trent Black


Lean back in the saddle and enjoy the erotic exploits of these Wild West Cowboys. These rough and ready studs know how to make the best of a hard ride in the wild west. Wild West Cowboys is a smoldering stampede of sexual prowess branded with the mark of the Men of Falcon! Two randy ranch hands - Roman Heart and Carter Longway are killing time in a barn when their boss Scott Swann asks them to keep an eye on Fancy, his gal who's outside tending to a horse. As soon as he's out the door, the two studs start going at it. They're joined mid-fuck by Ken Browning, and the three take turns fucking and sucking all around. Two lovers are alone in their room when they hear a commotion outside. Some of the farmhands are dragging another out of the yard. Shane Rockford says to ignore it and go to bed, but Josh Weston is curious and goes to investigate. He spies on the farmhands who have gone into the barn to discipline one of their own for trying to run away. He sees Christian Taylor giving a blowjob to Jimmy McGuire and Josh Harting getting sucked by mega hung Chad Hunt while Daniel Sinclair and Brian McClaine watch from the rafters. The voyeurs join in on the action and the scene becomes a full-blown suckfest with every man kissing, licking, and worshipping each other's cocks with passionate abandon. Local Cowboy Tex discovers Tony Calhoun camping alone on the edge of his peoples' reservation. The horny brave wastes no time in letting the blonde college jock know he's going to have to settle up for trespassing. Saddle Tramps' proprietor Mark West takes his turn with his favourite stud Sean Davis and it soon becomes apparent which cowpoke's in charge as Long Dong Sean tames the wild West, by whipping his boss into submission with his mighty horse dick. Up in the hayloft, Christopher lays waiting for Travis and Trent. He dives from one big cock to the other, making both men moan with pleasure. Travis fucks Christopher while he continues to suck Trent's cock. They plow and plunder his ass and mouth until all three shoot their loads. Muscle stud Bo Garrett has a hankerin' to get into Danny Somer's ass and Danny's ready to give it up for this cowboy. After rimming and fingering and relaxing Danny takes a deep fucking from Bo and ends up soaked in satisfaction. Seven more intense and erotic scenes fill this outstanding dvd, so tip your hat to these hearty studs, whose unbridled energy makes for a good mount and a hot lather! Cast: Adam Archer, Bert Edwards, Bo Garrett, Brian McClaine, Carl Erik, Carter Longway, Chad Hunt, Christian Fox, Christian Taylor, Christopher Scott, Daniel Sinclair, Danny Somers, Dean Monroe, Dylan Fox, Jeff Hammond, Jimmy McGuire, Joe Markhum, Josh Harting, Josh Weston, Ken Browning, Ken Ryker, Kevin Miles, Kris Lord, Manuel Torres, Mark West, Matthew Rush, Mike Chavez, Roman Heart, Scott Baldwin, Scott Swann, Sean Davis, Shane Rockford, Steve Marks, Tex, Tony Calhoun, Tony Zerega, Travis Wade, Trent Black

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