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  You Can Touch It If You Like
You Can Touch It If You Like

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Dvd Code: LD16872
Price: 20.00
Studio: Rentboy Euro
Source: United Kingdom
Language: Foreign
System: PAL


You Can Touch It If You Like - but then you have to let him stick it up your ass. Eight eighteen year old straight lads touch parts of their mates' bodies that straight boys shouldn't touch! With scenes to excite and stimulate you, two lads open this dvd in the great outdoors. Standing cock to cock, they kiss deeply before one drops to his knees to take his mate's thick cock in his mouth. Holding hands, he sucks and gobbles with gusto, then allows his pal to return the favour before he sits astride him and lowers himself onto his pals jutting appendage - riding it like a pro before shooting his load of creamy spunk. The next duet sees two guys taking their time - tonguing, licking and caressing until both blow their loads. The third scene finds two fresh young lads delve beneath tight undies to feel up each others growing cocks. Stripped naked, one fingers his mate's arse before kneeling behind him and inserting his pole for some good hard fucking. The final pairing is just as juicy as the lads wank, suck and hump each other with pleasure and passion. More classic Rentboy action. Cast: Andre Sirko, Juras, Filip, Lukas, Jozef, Tomas, Michal

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