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  After School Antics 1
After School Antics 1

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Dvd Code: LD19328
Price: 21.00
Studio: Rentboy UK
Director: Adam Bailey
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Alexander Petrov
James Allen
Jason Roberts
Joshua Cartier
Leo Castro
Luke Patrick
Scott Davies
Sean Deacon
Tommy Haine


School's out and the rest of the day and night stretches before them - what to do? Homework? I don't think so, but perhaps a little revision on anatomy won't go amiss! Jason and Josh decide on an illicit vodka session and, feeling a little tipsy, their inhibitions are down - followed closely by their trousers. These two lads take their time to kiss, caress, wank and suck on each other's cocks before Josh climbs aboard Jason's hard member and takes it for a ride. Their boozy encounter ends with both guys spurting their warm cream onto each other. Deciding it was a good day to bunk school, Sean and Jason head back to Jason's house. Once there they log on to a gay porn site and are soon replicating the action. Sean nips to the loo, finds a dirty pair of Jason's boxers, puts them on and pisses through them. He cleans himself up before going downstairs to suck on Jason's cock. Jason then takes him doggy before pulling out to spunk on Sean's face and lick it off. Hiding in the loft after school to avoid doing their homework, Scott and Sean are soon eating each other. Sean pushes Scott's legs over his head and fucks him for a short while before announcing that he needs to piss. He finds an old plastic container and lets loose a torrent into the receptacle. Once finished, he bends Sean over and fucks him doggy, pulling out to deposit great dollops of spunk on Scott's face. Walking home from school, two lads discuss what they will do that night. Arriving home, Alex takes a bath then hoses himself down with a warm piss. Luke walks in and takes a leak himself. Turned on, Alex drops to his knees to suck on his mate's cock. Moving to the bedroom, Alex climbs on top of Luke's cock, then they change and Luke takes him doggy, before they take turns to spunk into each other's faces. The final scene sees Tommy, Leo and James heading home for a game on the Playstation. Tommy and Leo play but James decides to wank. A three-way develops in which the lads spit roast Tommy before it turns into a superb chain fuck. Leo is the first to unload his sac onto Tommy's face. Then it's James' turn until the two lads then gather round Tommy's cock and lick up the spunk from his belly. After School Antics is over two hours of wayward students indulging their pubescent fantasies! Cast: Jason Roberts, Joshua Cartier, Sean Deacon, Scott Davies, Alexander Petrov, Luke Patrick, Tommy Haine, Leo Castro, James Allen

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