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  Brit Boy Fuck Fest
Brit Boy Fuck Fest

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Dvd Code: LD24919
Price: 20.00
Studio: Seal Productions
Director: Adam Bailey
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Dave Heydon
Jasper Emerald
Jon Janes
Joshua Cartier
Kyle Martin
Rico Nunez
Sean McKenzie
Will Forbes


Five toned and smooth British lads get straight down to it for the opener of Brit Boy Fuck Fest. All on a double bed, it's a suck and fuck pageant as they take turns at slamming in a hard cock, bareback. Jon Janes is the most muscular of all five, and he proves a dominant top as he positions himself to arse fuck his fellow chums. Similar to a game of musical chairs, these boys all move round to sample each other's expectant cocks and lubed rose buds. Rimming, fingering, wanking and a big black dildo are all part of the fun and games, and these lads can't get enough as they moan and open up to receive more. As there are not enough bums to go round, the odd one out tags on to one couple and helps to spit roast the bottom - all in glorious close up. Then cum the pop shots - and oh boy don't they just shoot as they all grab their own cocks and move like grease lightning to expel their precious seed. The second scene is a double duet featuring Jon Janes again as a dominant top. There is no stopping these lads as they too gobble, finger fuck and lick tight butts before jabbing a rigid prick between peachy arse cheeks. The bare fuck rhythm is precise and rigorous and when they pull out to spew, the spunk is warm and creamy. Nearly two hours of super British action! Cast: Jon Janes, Dave Heydon, Sean McKenzie, Joshua Cartier, Kyle Martin, Rico Nunez, Will Forbes, Jasper Emerald

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