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  Rentboy's School Fuckers 2
Rentboy's School Fuckers 2

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Dvd Code: LD13541
Price: 21.00
Studio: Rentboy UK Platinum
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: NTSC
Aaron Aurora
Cody Reed
Drake Law
Etham White
Jesse Magowan
Kamyk Walker
Owen Jackson
Shaun Mann
Skylar Blu
Tristan Blake


These twinks should be getting on with their homework after school and improving their minds, but the dirty boys in Rentboy's School Fuckers 2 are more interested in improving their fucking and sucking techniques! Cody and Kamyk get the party started. Chilling in Kamyk's bedroom after school, the two lads are bored and horny so they decide to kill two birds with one stone and go in for some mutual wanking. With their hard dicks poking out from the top of their pants, they tug at each other before Cody leans over and slips his pal's cock into his mouth. With an expertise that belies a horny schoolboy, Cody's sucking action is second to none. The two randy pals are soon 69ing and Kamyk takes the lead as he pushes Cody onto all fours and slips his teen boner between his cheeks and deep into his tight boy hole. He punishes his ass with long fuck session that sees the two guys dumping a load onto each other. Ethan and Owen are messing about with the football after school, but once in Ethan's house, he lets Owen know that he too can be a willing bottom boy and a fantastic shag. Shaun and Aaron are trying to concentrate on their studies, but these study-buddies are like most teenage boys - horny as hell. With a knowing look and a definite bulge in their trousers, the two schoolboys cast their books aside and concentrate on each other's cocks. It's designer underwear all the way as Tristian uncovers Skylar's cock from within his En Spirit pants. He takes his time as his tongues travels up and down Skylar's shaft before engulfing the end. The friends get more intimate as they go 69 and Tristian pokes his pal's arse with his finger, lubing him up for the fuck session to beat all sessions. The lads bump and grind on Tristian's bed before, one at a time, they unleash a torrent of creamy boy-spunk onto each other. Two school boarders relax in their bunks after a hard day, but bored and with nothing much else to do, Jesse offers his already hard dick to Drake for a thorough sucking. Kneeling on the top bunk, Jesse's cock is at mouth height, and Drake eagerly gobbles the teen boner. Aroused and horny, Jesse climbs down from his bunk, pulls Drake's underwear down and grabs at the hard cock, milking the shaft with his hand before returning the compliment with his mouth. Drake turns Jesse against the bed and, spreading his toned butt cheeks, dips his tongue into the warm crack of his arse, spit-lubing his puckered hole for a balls-deep shafting. He plows his boy-pal before the two of them jack off side by side for a double spunk explosion. These naughty schoolboys don't need to play truant to have some gay fun! Cast: Cody Reed, Kamyk Walker, Etham White, Owen Jackson, Shaun Mann, Aaron Aurora, Tristan Blake, Skylar Blu, Drake Law, Jesse Magowan

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