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  Austin's Beach Buddies
Austin's Beach Buddies

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Dvd Code: CR7469
Price: 30.00
Studio: Cobra Video
Director: Bryan Phillips
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Austin Sterling


Austin and his new friend Justin are on a beach holiday in Austin's Beach Buddies. They briefly check out their condo and head down to the boardwalk. Nearby tanned Kaipo has just finished his shower and jacks off on his balcony. He squirts all over the glass sliding door and licks up his tasty boy juice. He then meets Austin and Justin on the boardwalk and they invite him back to the condo for a game of spin the bottle. Justin wins and Austin and Kaipo are on their knees taking turns tonguing his fat seven inch sea monster. The boys do a threeway sixty nine and then they put Austin on his back. Kaipo squats over Austin's face and Justin sinks his fat unsheathed cock deep into Austin's warm hole. Kaipo is the first to blow his load and covers Austin's chest as Austin rims him. Justin is fucking him harder and hits Austin's G spot. Austin squirts his jizz on his belly filling his navel. Justin can't hold out any longer, pulls out, and busts his nut on Austin and now Austin has a big pool of white goo covering him. Whew! A solo from blond twink Devon follow as gets out of the shower, jacks his meat, squirts on his stomach and immediately smears it all over. Outside Devon bumps into a rollerblading Kaipo. In the room Devon gives him a long, deep sucking while fingering Kaipo's boy hole and sucks and jacks him until he spurts on his stomach. Like a little puppy, Devon eagerly laps up the sticky wet juice. Next day Devon meets up with Jonathan and Tyler in their room. Tyler asks Jonathan to suck him while he gets rimmed by Devon. They trade blowjobs in several positions before Devon decides he needs to bury his bone bareback in Tyler's ass. Tyler and Jonathan are on their knees on the bed and Devon goes back and forth on their asses, fingering Jonathan as he fucks Tyler. After Devon pops his cork, Jonathan moans and pumps his cock as Tyler pounds his boy butt and squirts on his stomach just seconds before Tyler pulls out and blows his own huge load of cum. The finale is scorching. Austin catches Justin jacking of to a porn magazine and offers to help with a little relief of his own. He sucks Justin who returns the favor and then starts rimming Justin as a prelude to being the first to pop his cherry. Austin sticks his meat bareback into the boy's virgin hole. Justin begins to loosen and enjoy getting fucked and moans for Austin to fuck him harder. Justin bends Austin over for a little fucking for himself asAustin flips over to lick his own cock head! Hardly able to contain himself, Austin puts Justin on his back and starts pounding his ass harder and harder before squirting his load on Justin's stomach. Austin's finishes this scene by jacking Justin off, oozing his load into the same puddle he had created. The very best US teenage amateur series on the market. Don't miss it! Cast: Austin Sterling, Justin, Tyler, Kaipo, Jonathan, Devon

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